Workshop Descriptions

Take the first 3 workshops to get the full benefit of Momenta’s philosophy

+ Leadership for Positive Youth Development +

In this workshop individuals will be challenged to consider how their actions impact programs and relationships. We will present the main aspects of Momenta’s leadership model based on our organization’s values; have fun, take care of each other, be respectful, be committed, and be safe. Participants will leave the workshop with specific leadership actions they can use in their own practice.

+ Mentorship +

Research shows that the quality of human relationships in youth programming can be more influential than the program itself. At this workshop we will present the main aspects of Momenta’s engagement strategy developed with hard to reach youth in mind. Participants will learn proven methods to engage with children and youth to affect change in individuals, programs and communities.

+ Strength Based Behaviour Management +

This workshop will focus on what a strengths based model is and the benefit using one, as well as clearly defining problem behaviour and why it occurs. Finally participants will learn proven implementation strategies and components of the Momenta approach to client centred behaviour management.

+ Leadership and Social Position +

Topics will include social position, self-awareness, personal beliefs and how they affect leadership. These topics will be explored using experiential activities and art. Knowledge and sharing about leadership for social justice will be directed by the group as issues of social position are explored.

+ Conflict Resolution for School Aged Children +

Join Momenta for an interactive activity-based workshop focused on managing conflicts with school aged children. This workshop will look at how to identify conflict, when to intervene and proven strengths based strategies that resolve current conflict and work to prevent future conflict.

+ Restorative Justice +

In the restorative justice workshop participants will learn about the history, benefits, uses and possible outcomes of restorative justice circles. Participants should be prepared to participate in circles and practice facilitation. Participants will leave with a beginners knowledge of circle facilitation.

+ Experiential Learning Facilitating and Reflection+

Join us in this activity based workshop where we look at the benefits of experiential learning for youth programs, explore ways to implement experiential learning in youth programming, and learn a model for facilitation so group goals can be achieved within programs and transferred to youths everyday lives.

+ Games Leader +

Join us for an action packed session. Learn how to plan and run a fun, safe and engaging games session for any age group. This workshop includes many new activities that need few supplies. A written description of activities taught will be provided.

+ Creating Group Cohesion +

Team building workshops are designed to create group cohesion, develop problem solving skills and create an environment of open communication. This workshop is designed for groups of people who spend time together in programs, at work, or in their community and have a team goal that they would like to work towards

+ Program Planning +

Learn about the latest research and tools to develop youth programming that meets current best practices. Topics will include supervision, structure, program planning, delivery and evaluation.

 + Strategic Planning +

In this series of workshops we will create a vision, mission statement, complete a SWOT analysis and action plan to develop new programs or refresh and update current ones.