Canoeing courses follow Paddle Canada curriculum and are taught by Paddle Canada instructors. To register a group of 6 or more please contact us.

+ Canoeing Basic Skills +

4 hours, $100 + GST
To introduce novice participants to paddling with a partner, in sheltered calm waters. The skills and knowledge gained at this level form the foundation for basic paddling close to shore on sheltered bodies of water. Rescue options are discussed at this level and can be demonstrated by the instructor.

+ Lake Canoe Program +

$100 + GST per day
The Lake Program is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for open water lake paddling. The items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to all lake canoeists as they transfer and expand the basic canoeing skills and knowledge to the environment of open water.

The program provides the theory and skills necessary for a daylong canoe trip in open water with a variety of wind conditions. However with practice many of the skills can be transferred to multi-day expeditions. The program includes: timed and difficult rescues, specialized equipment, a variety of forward & turning strokes, efficiency and precision as well as challenging paddling conditions.

There are three levels of the Lake Canoeing Program. The program emphasizes learning boat control with the intention that paddlers will learn the skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun.

+ Levels +

  • Introduction to Lake Canoe Tandem (8 hours)
  • Intermediate Lake Canoe Skills (16 hours)
  • Advanced Lake Canoe Sills (16 hours)
  • Introduction to Lake Canoe Solo (8 hours)
  • Intermediate Lake Canoe Solo (16 hours)