Learn exciting, hands-on skills while achieving industry standard certification.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or professional looking for first aid certification that will meet the YouthSafe Outdoors Safety First! guidelines? Or maybe you need specialized wilderness knowledge in canoeing, kayaking or climbing to lead a group experience exploring in the backcountry?

At Momenta, we offer a wide range of first aid skills and certification as well as outdoor programs to suit the most novice to the most experienced wilderness adventurer. Each course is taught by certified instructors in accordance with the regulations and standards within their respective industries.

If you’re ready to propel your wilderness career forward or you’re just looking for a little peace of mind on your outdoor expedition, contact us to book your individual or group training experience today.

+ Course Overview +


+ First Aid +

Current CPR certification is a pre-requisite for all Wilderness First Aid courses.

  • Sirius Wilderness Medicine
  • Wilderness First Aid (20 hours)
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid For Wilderness Leaders (40 hours)
  • Wilderness First Responder (80 hours)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR (4 hours)

Sirius Wilderness Medicine

+ Canoeing +

  • Canoeing Basic Skills (4 hours)
  • Lake Canoe Program

+ Kayaking +

  • Sea Kayaking Skills Introduction to Kayaking (8 hours)

+ Climbing +

  • Introduction to Climbing Belay (6 hours)
“It was a phenomenal course and an invaluable experience. Every wilderness guide should take this course.”
+ Wilderness Training Participant
“Phenomenal course especially the instructor made it fun and easy to learn”
+ Wilderness Training Participant
“Best first aid course I’ve ever taken”
+ Wilderness Training Participant
“The course was very well taught. We managed to cover a lot in just 16 hours but at a pace and in a manner of teaching style (hands on) that made it easy to remember all of the techniques”
+ Wilderness Training Participant