In this episode on the trail, Lise reads a story about family, sings a song that helps her family to regulate and asks you to join her on the trail to notice the trail surroundings. We will be sharing a resource list soon.

Did you know there’s a difference between a hitch and a knot? Check out this video with Allison to learn the difference along with how to tie two hitches: Clove Hitch & the Prusik Hitch! Also checkout this website to learn more hitches to tie :

Join Lise for the third episode of Trail School. Lise will share a working definition of Trail School, a story, an open inquiry, reflection and a mindful moment. And, what Trail School looks like off the trail.

Progressing from Allison’s Basic Knot tutorial, go grab a rope or some string and join in tying 2 new knots! The new knots in this video are: Figure 8 on a bight and the Super 8!

In this video, our Director of Youth Programs highlights five strategies to help adults cope with stress and maintain positive mental health during challenging times.

If you are interested in more information about stress and resources for coping, check out Klinic Community Health’s Calm in the Storm App. More free mindfulness resources can also be found here.

Lise takes us on a hike to process some of the big emotions that people of all ages are experiencing. She shares a story about emotions, a mindfulness moment and a reflection you can do with your body.