In this episode on the trail, Lise reads a story about family, sings a song that helps her family to regulate and asks you to join her on the trail to notice the trail surroundings. We will be sharing a resource list soon.

Lise Brown, co-owner Momenta

Tian and I have been walking [at a distance from everyone else who needs the trails]….it helps us get space from each other and recharge with fresh air and take in the teachings that the natural world has to offer. Tian and I are at our best when we are alone, with each other and with the forest. He has not complained about hitting the trails since he began to feel the benefits of it and I am so lucky to have him as my walking buddy now. 

I wasn’t meant to be a stay home parent, and being a sole parent I really appreciate the moments I can take to myself….so, this past week and the weeks ahead are going to challenge me to my limits, I rely heavily on daycare and school to offer me some space, and of course to go to work. I also want to embrace this time to reconnect and slow down with the centre of my world, and try not to stress about the home schooling we are supposed to be doing. So, we are walking….everyday, and we’ll see what emerges. I’m feeling fairly confident that Tian is learning from the natural world around him, he is noticing things and asking good questions. I, well, I am giving him space and not doing much but picking the trail each day and responding to his questions with more questions. So far, he has…

-noticed that his Mama needs to head onto a trail with a fully charged phone, or else it dies and we can’t finish our GPS tracking
-identified a black capped chickadee
-learned about maps and navigation through GPS mapping and trail maps and markers
-expressed interest in making his own bow and arrow
-talked about gravity, balance, length, circumference
-made music with sticks
-identified Red Osier Dogwood, Cattail and Poplar
-talked about weight
-noticed trail etiquette (or lack of)
-asked about the history of trails and why they have certain names
-identified animal tracks
-asked what certain words mean
-wondered about different dog breeds
-asked “what day is it anyway?”
-asked for water when he is thirsty, and food when he is hungry
-noticed different types of snow and ice
-practiced parkour, climbing, leaping and galloping
-identified cedar, harvested some and brought it home to dry
-adjusted his neck warmer based on the wind SO many times
-noticed shadows and was playful with them
-talked about distance and speed
-wondered about ravens and crows and how they are the same and different
-identified a spruce tree – confirmed red spruce after referring to a field guide at home
-expressed his full range of feelings from joy to tears

It’s day 6 of physically isolating from others, we have walked 17.31 kilometres (math) and many steps which he is tracking on a pedometer. We’re gonna walk this thing out. I’m enjoying our time on the trails, it feeds the extrovert in me and clears my busy head, and feeds Tian full of wonder and curiosity. He has asked Siri SO many questions upon returning home from walks, here’s my favourite: “Hey Siri, tell us how to make a decaf london fog”

Stay well my friends 🙂