For Schools

A program for K to 6 students to engage, explore, and experiment in the natural environment. This weekly six session program focuses on repeated access to the same natural space, making connections through storytelling, games, natural art, and guided outdoor adventure.

Our school-age classroom program aims to foster respectful relationships through kinship to peers and using the land as an educator. Enhancing natural learning processes, this program helps to support emotional and behavioural regulation in all types of learners. Connecting to local spaces and public parks helps our children become stewards by creating a deep and enduring relationship to the land and a wider community.

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Our Foresthood programs are designed to connect children to nature. Our programs are child-led and our curriculum is developed by observing child’s play – when themes emerge we use inquiry-based learning to develop knowledge or solutions. The children are encouraged to interact with nature with all of their senses, to develop socially, to build curiosities about the world around them, to find calm, to be physically active, to be stewards of the land and to be in nature in safe and age-appropriate ways.

Schools and groups

We offer a 2.5 hour program for 6 consecutive weeks perfect for classrooms or small groups. The program is run at a public green space the children can walk to. The fee for a six-week program is $1800.00 + GST. Please contact us to book a program.