First Aid

Learn exciting, hands-on skills while achieving industry standard certification.

Our SIRIUSMEDx courses are suited for people who explore the backcountry for pleasure, and those who lead groups outdoors and guide wilderness adventures. Course certifications are accepted across North America and the curriculum conforms to the guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society. Courses entail a combination of classroom theory, skill demonstration, and scenarios.

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Wilderness First Aid/AWFA re-cert (20 Hours) $305 + GST *now includes CPR

This practical-based course is best suited to professionals who work in the backcountry and those who explore the backcountry for pleasure within hours of medical assistance. This course will provide participants with an introduction to wilderness first aid. Basic topics are covered with an emphasis on practical skills, decision-making and dealing with environmental conditions.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40 Hours) $505+ GST *now includes CPR

This course has become a minimum standard for outdoor professionals, guides and instructors who work in a wilderness setting. It is also suited to those who explore the backcountry in remote areas. Course content extends far beyond urban based first-aid programs to include elements inherent in leading groups in the outdoors and guiding wilderness adventures. Special emphasis is placed on accident scene management, group leadership, leader responsibility and liability, prevention of injuries, advanced first-aid kits, wound management and managing the trauma victim. This is the Manitoba Camping Association standard for guides who lead trips further than 20 minutes from external medical assistance.

Bridge to Wilderness First Responder/WFR re-cert (50 Hours) $605 + GST *now includes CPR

Sirius has developed a special bridge course for those who would like to upgrade their certification from Advanced Wilderness First Aid to Wilderness First Responder. To be eligible for the WFR bridge course a participant must have obtained or rectified their AWFA course within the past 36 months. In addition to a brief review of material covered in the 40 hour program, the bridge course focuses primarily on the advanced material and skills included in the WFR program. WFR is designed for search and rescue personnel, outdoor professionals working in remote settings and those requiring a solid foundation in wilderness pre-hospital emergency care.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Heart Saver CPR (C) & AED $50.00 +GST

Momenta offers Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support courses including adult, child and infant choking, CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use. CPR is a pre-requisite of all WFA courses.

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