Knot Tutorials

If you love knots as much as we do check out our knot tutorials all in once place!

Basic knot tutorial: Join Allison for our very first basic knot tutorial.

Advanced knot tutorial, episode 1: Progressing from Allison’s Basic Knot tutorial, go grab a rope or some string and join in tying 2 new knots! The new knots in this video are: Figure 8 on a bight and the Super 8!

Advanced knot tutorial, episode 2: Did you know there’s a difference between a hitch and a knot? Check out this video with Allison to learn the difference along with how to tie two hitches: Clove Hitch & the Prusik Hitch! Also checkout this website to learn more hitches to tie.

Advanced knot tutorial, episode 3: Check out this video to learn how to create a tight clothesline! We’ll be using the bowline knot, overhand on a bite and a half hitch to make it all come together.

Advanced knot tutorial, episode 4: This knot tutorial is all about setting up a tarp for shade or rain cover. Check out this video to learn about how the taut line hitch will become your new favourite knot to tie!

Advanced knot tutorial, episode 5: This is the final advanced knot tutorial for this series! Join Allison in learning how to tie a lasso as well as a butterfly knot. Also check out this amazing book for learning some of your first knots: “My First Book of Knots” By: Berndt Sundsten and Jan Jäger.